Monday, July 9, 2012


All mothers can relate to this one. 

I worry about my child.

There's the regular 'mom worry' like, is she eating enough vegetables, and 'oh, god, I hope she doesn't get kidnapped if I turn my back for a minute.' Then there's the 'more/better worry',  does she have more than I had as a kid? Is her life better than mine was?

Since moving to a more rural area my biggest worry has been that she would be incredibly bored all summer.   I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes pondering whether or not to get her a new video game for her upcoming birthday when I see her run past the window with a plastic bag on her arms as a cape.

Among all the day to day worries, I had forgotten about the 'big picture worry'...Will she grow up to be a good person? Thoughtful, creative, kind, independent? 

I think she'll be fine, she believes she can fly.


We have been having some 100+ degree weather here lately. Hot and dry. The garden started looking really shrively (yep, that's my word. I fully believe that you can put a 'y' at the end of any word).  So, I attempted to water it. Should be simple, right? 
 Put the sprinkler thingy in the middle of the garden and turn on hose. voila. Go inside and go about my business. 

Half an hour later.......

One side of the garden is flooded and the other side is still dry. Shit. The rotating sprinkler is not rotating. So I give the hose a little pull, wiggle, tug. Nothin'. Damn. So I walk through the garden and give it a little kick, shake and jiggle. Well, now I'M slightly watered.

 Maybe I can pick it up and turn it around. Wrong. Now I'm watered AND muddy and the neighbors are probably getting a kick out of what looks like a pregnant lady wrestling with a water snake.  Screw it, let's just detach the hose and water it by hand. It took a little more time and effort, but that's how I'm doing it from now on.

 So, as I'm standing there manually watering the garden, wet and muddy, Allison comes outside looking MAD. How dare I play in the water hose without her?  ugh.

Guilty Pleasures

Have you ever noticed that you want something the most when you know you can't have it? 

For example, I am pregnant and months away from delivery, and about six more months of breastfeeding after that. So I notice every.single.advertisement for alcohol I come across.   Those billboards for wineries are the worst, I've seriously considered going in for a tasting and actually *gasp* spitting the wine back out.  I can imagine the looks I would get from people like, well, people like me! Wine is not meant to be wasted. It is meant to be hoarded, for emergency situations, like .....when you run out of wine. 

Judge if you will, but I need my occasional wine. It keeps me sane. All mothers should have a chocolate and wine stash. It is mine. All mine. After bedtime when everyone is sleeping (not fake sleeping, it is important to be able to tell the difference). Crack open the bottle and there is no "mom, I'm hungry, momma I think there might be a spider outside my window go kill it, hey have you seen my....."  none of that. Just me and my glass, my R rated TV, and whichever drama filled website I'm currently interested in. (hey, I'm not naming names til they pay me to advertise :-b 

That all lasts maybe an hour, and then I'm nodding off and realize I need to rest up for tomorrow's mom duties. But what a sweet hour it is.......

Sunday, July 8, 2012


My niece, Ava, will be two shortly. In chronological years anyway.
Her attitude and demeanor lead me to believe that she is a very old soul. Probably older than me, in fact. For the first few months of her life she screamed constantly, doctors call it colic, I think she was just really pissed off about something. And even more pissed because she couldn't say what.
 Nowadays, she just stares at me with this expectant look on her face, like she's waiting for me to say something...I've asked her, "What do you want?" out of sheer suspense. She doesn't want to be picked up, I've tried that, she just climbs back down as if to say, "Nevermind, you don't get it..." 
She's got facial expressions down,though. My sister and I made a photo book of our kids for mom for her birthday. There were two whole pages entitled "The many faces of Ava."
I can't wait until she really starts to talk, because she's got a few things to say to me.
 The only thing she's said directly to me so far was: 'baby'.
 Before anyone knew I was pregnant, she walked up to me with that look on her face, poked my belly and very quietly but matter of factly said 'Baby'.  I said, "excusemewhatnow?" She just looked at me like, 'yep, not foolin me,lady' and walked away....

First Attempt

So, this is my first attempt at mom-blogging. Is that a real term? Oh well, if not, it is now....I have a habit of making up words. The Name of the blog comes from a few different places, I saw a screen name once that was 'drunkenhousewife' and was so upset that I didn't get to use it first, and the homesteadin' part would be because we just moved to the country and I get to try my hand at the whole gardening/homesteading thing. 
I don't really know what I'm doing in any aspect, which will make for interesting and hopefully entertaining reading for you.