Monday, July 9, 2012


We have been having some 100+ degree weather here lately. Hot and dry. The garden started looking really shrively (yep, that's my word. I fully believe that you can put a 'y' at the end of any word).  So, I attempted to water it. Should be simple, right? 
 Put the sprinkler thingy in the middle of the garden and turn on hose. voila. Go inside and go about my business. 

Half an hour later.......

One side of the garden is flooded and the other side is still dry. Shit. The rotating sprinkler is not rotating. So I give the hose a little pull, wiggle, tug. Nothin'. Damn. So I walk through the garden and give it a little kick, shake and jiggle. Well, now I'M slightly watered.

 Maybe I can pick it up and turn it around. Wrong. Now I'm watered AND muddy and the neighbors are probably getting a kick out of what looks like a pregnant lady wrestling with a water snake.  Screw it, let's just detach the hose and water it by hand. It took a little more time and effort, but that's how I'm doing it from now on.

 So, as I'm standing there manually watering the garden, wet and muddy, Allison comes outside looking MAD. How dare I play in the water hose without her?  ugh.

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  1. U crack me up! I so wish I could have been there for that one! - crystal