Monday, July 9, 2012


All mothers can relate to this one. 

I worry about my child.

There's the regular 'mom worry' like, is she eating enough vegetables, and 'oh, god, I hope she doesn't get kidnapped if I turn my back for a minute.' Then there's the 'more/better worry',  does she have more than I had as a kid? Is her life better than mine was?

Since moving to a more rural area my biggest worry has been that she would be incredibly bored all summer.   I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes pondering whether or not to get her a new video game for her upcoming birthday when I see her run past the window with a plastic bag on her arms as a cape.

Among all the day to day worries, I had forgotten about the 'big picture worry'...Will she grow up to be a good person? Thoughtful, creative, kind, independent? 

I think she'll be fine, she believes she can fly.

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