Monday, July 9, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Have you ever noticed that you want something the most when you know you can't have it? 

For example, I am pregnant and months away from delivery, and about six more months of breastfeeding after that. So I notice every.single.advertisement for alcohol I come across.   Those billboards for wineries are the worst, I've seriously considered going in for a tasting and actually *gasp* spitting the wine back out.  I can imagine the looks I would get from people like, well, people like me! Wine is not meant to be wasted. It is meant to be hoarded, for emergency situations, like .....when you run out of wine. 

Judge if you will, but I need my occasional wine. It keeps me sane. All mothers should have a chocolate and wine stash. It is mine. All mine. After bedtime when everyone is sleeping (not fake sleeping, it is important to be able to tell the difference). Crack open the bottle and there is no "mom, I'm hungry, momma I think there might be a spider outside my window go kill it, hey have you seen my....."  none of that. Just me and my glass, my R rated TV, and whichever drama filled website I'm currently interested in. (hey, I'm not naming names til they pay me to advertise :-b 

That all lasts maybe an hour, and then I'm nodding off and realize I need to rest up for tomorrow's mom duties. But what a sweet hour it is.......


  1. Lol. I need a stash but don't care for wine :/ Hmm, what to stash.

  2. Anything that's not good for you! :-b